I believe it is important for my clients to know their stylist. My walk in life has taught me to value and appreciate other people regardless of their background. I aim to build relationships based on reliability, discretion and mutual respect.
I love challenging myself- and in return amazing my clients. That buzz has kept me excited about every new client for years.

Trained at the Prestige Daniel Hershesons Mayfair.I had the opportunity to work under the influence of the trend setters and the best visionary stylists london has to offer. I have watched and followed the talents of celebrity stylists Luke Hersheson, George Northwood and Zoe Irwin. 
My interest in different styles and trends allows me to adjust my skills to all cultures and traditions. 
I continually look for influences around the world and embrace London's multicultural society for development of my creativity, I truly believe it is an amazing place to broaden my ability on working with vast hair textures ,skin tones and face shapes.